Hello supporter of Ukraine!

We are reaching out to you with a valuable and time-sensitive opportunity to help ensure Ukraine gets the help needed to continue fighting and winning. Please add your voice quickly before December 16th, 2022.

We need more support for the “Supplemental funding request for COVID 19 and Ukraine”. Please reach out to our elected members of Congress by using the provided letter template.

We need to reach out to these critical members of Congress:

When sending out the letter, you can copy and paste the information provided below:

Topic:  Defense and Military/Foreign Affairs/ Defence/

Subject: Support “Supplemental funding request for COVID 19 and Ukraine”

Message Template (feel free to change it):


Dear [Senator or Representative name],


On November 15, the White House proposed the “Supplemental funding request for COVID 19 and Ukraine”. We must continue supporting the people of Ukraine as they defend their sovereignty and stand resolute in the face of Russia’s brutal war. Together, with strong, bipartisan support in the Congress, we have provided significant assistance that has been critical to Ukraine’s success on the battlefield—and we cannot let that support run dry.  To date, roughly three-quarters of the funds previously provided by the Congress have been disbursed or committed, with even more expected by the end of the year.


Congress has an opportunity and obligation to provide additional appropriations to ensure Ukraine has the funding, weapons, and support it needs to defend itself, and that vulnerable people continue to receive life-saving aid.



(Your Name)

Washington State Resident

If you are in Jayapal or Smith’s district, be sure to mention that.
If you’re NOT in Jayapal or Smith’s district, please also reach out to your US House Representative. Your House Representative can be found here.

Thank you for your help on this urgent priority to ensure Ukraine gets the critical support needed to survive and continue winning!