We appreciate coverage of Ukraine and our organization working to support Ukrainian people

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Ukraine Defense Support – USA
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What is UDS?

Ukraine Defense Support (UDS) is a Seattle-based, nonprofit helping Ukraine protect its sovereignty, democracy, and lives through its primary focus on supporting Ukrainian people by fundraising, purchasing, and delivering urgently-needed equipment and supplies. Our goal is to keep as many of Ukraine’s defenders alive as possible while also raising American awareness of the war and the importance of supporting Ukraine in its fight for freedom and democracy.

UDS was founded in 2022 by U.S. Army Iraq war veteran Carl Larson of Seattle, after his return from serving in the International Legion in Ukraine. UDS has volunteers across the country and around the world, creating an international network of support that directly supplies couriers who take equipment to where it is needed most.

We provide non-lethal aid, such as medical supplies, generators, evacuation vehicles, warm clothing, etc. To date, UDS has raised nearly $500,000.

**Ukraine Defense Support does not and never will purchase, transport, or otherwise handle military weapons.**

In addition to direct aid, UDS encourages people to advocate for Ukraine in its hour of need.

The organization regularly hosts, organizes, and participates in events to raise awareness of Ukraine.

UDS At A Glance

Founded In 2022 by Concerned Americans

Founder: Carl Larson

  • Carl Larson and other concerned Seattleites founded the organization in 2022
  • Comprised of an international network of active volunteers
  • To date (July 2024), UDS has raised nearly $500,000 USD
  • UDS is officially registered in Washington State and with the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. Our EIN is 92-2693929. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Carl Larson is the primary founder of Ukraine Defense Support, a lifelong Seattlite, and a U.S. Army Iraq War veteran who served in the International Legion in Ukraine in 2022.

“Ukraine’s fight for freedom is America’s fight too. We just might not know it yet.”