David Wiley

National Advocacy Coordinator and Public Speaker

David is the National Advocacy Coordinator for the American Coalition for Ukraine as well as a leader at Ukraine Defense Support. Available for media interviews relating to advocacy around Ukraine.

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Former Chair of the Snohomish County Libertarian Party from 2019-2021 in Washington State. Ran for the office of State Representative in 2020 and 2022. Achieving 33% of the vote against a 16 year Democrat incumbent. Actively serving on multiple committees for the Libertarian Party of Washington State.  In 1999 attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to which his father asked: “If you want to see the world then why not join the military?” to which he replied “Because I don’t want to see it at the end of a gun!” Since 2018 he has visited Ukraine multiple times and has assisted with voluntary humanitarian relief and defense responses to the current Russian offensive.
“The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” – Thomas Paine



Overseas Travel:

Volunteer Experience

Kurdish Red Crescent 2014

Worked with Zeynep Kurban who volunteered for the Kurdish Red Crescent out of London to help them build a website able to legally take western donations. At the time ISIS was slaughtering numerous ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria and I volunteered with KRC to help bring relief on the ground. I also promoted Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organization (ACERO) during this time to others.

Snohomish County Libertarian Party 2019-2021

Snohomish County Party Chair

Chair of the county political party. Recruiting candidates, volunteers, supporting candidates, and driving events for a county political party.

Candidate for State Legislature (Wa 38th Legislative district) 2020, 2022

Political candidate for state office

I ran for office as a third party candidate. In 2020 I got 32.2% of the vote in a solid blue district with no volunteers and under $500 in donations against a 16 year Democrat incumbent. Among my successes I challenged the Democratic party to adopt free market solutions to the Washington State housing crisis.

Ukraine Defense Support volunteer 2022 - Current

Advocacy Coordinator

I coordinate advocacy for Ukraine Defense Support as an applicant 501c3 organization. Bringing up what needs to be advocated for, how to effectively advocate for it, and the limits of advocacy as an American 501c3 organization.

American Coalition for Ukraine October 2023

State delegation Captain for Oregon and Washington delegations

For the Autumn Ukraine summit I was selected by the American Coalition for Ukraine to Captain the Washington State delegation. In the absence of a Captain for Oregon, I also took on the secondary role of Captaining their delegation and training them in political advocacy.