How Washington State Residents Can Help Ukraine

Ukraine Defense Support exists to support the Ukrainian people in their struggle against Russian aggression. We actively work to assist Ukraine’s military by:
  • Encouraging the US government to send more equipment.
  • Fundraising for urgently needed hardware (not weapons) such as night vision, vehicles, drones and anti-drone technology.
  • Educating our fellow Americans on the importance of protecting Ukrainian democracy and encourage them to get involved.

Join us every Thursday evening in north Seattle to learn more about the most critical international conflict since the end of the Cold War and add your ideas how to assist the Ukrainian people in their historic fight for freedom and sovereignty.

Potential members should be those who care about supporting international law, democracy, national sovereignty and protecting the innocent against predatory violent aggression. Membership in the group is and always will be free. This group is not affiliated with any other organization and does not speak for the Ukrainian government, military or any other organization. Join us!

Meet with us in Seattle: